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December 21, 2010

Tutorial: How to make crochet fingerless mitts

Remember the crochet fingerless mitts I made before? I liked them so much I made couple more (here and here). They are so easy but really fun to make, and you can make different variations depending on buttons and charms you use. I made a tutorial for how to make crochet fingerless mitts below - hope you like it!


Lady Blues said...

they're lovely!!! Nice blog:)

maritaBliss said...

So cute :)!

hana said...

I've only sewn up the sides with yarn, it's interesting to see you actually sewing it with a machine. Great tute Chie!

Nat said...

I haven't learned to crochet yet, but I might try knitting these for now. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Rachel said...

I love these! Just wondering - it looks like there's an edging around the top too, which really finishes them off - how did you do that?

vivatveritas said...


oops sorry i forgot to include that in tutorial! i did a scalloped edge on the top. i made 4-5 chains, and pick up the hook every 3 hooks or something. im sorry i'm new to crochet, so i dont know the language to explain all that well!