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December 20, 2010

60's inspired dress

I forgot that I made this dress to enter into the BERNINA "Party through the decade" competition, and never blogged about it until now.

I only had two days to work on this project after coming back with NY/Philly trip, and I'm not really satisfied with the result. I mean, I like the dress, but it didn't really fit the contest's theme. It says "Party", but my dress is not party dress at all! :p Not sure what I was thinking. :)

I think BurdaStyle mentioned that the level of the projects were really high this time, and I must agree. I really enjoyed browsing through other people's projects, and I was amazed with their creativity, how they put photos together etc.
This was my inspiration board when I worked on the dress.
I had bell sleeves, A line tunic type shape, white/cream lace, and big pockets in mind. I lost all the sources of the images below..I'm sorry. I think they were all from some etsy shops.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

such a cute litle dress! it looks so comfy and pretty.