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December 13, 2010

21 weeks

21 weeks! My husband took some photos of my growing belly when I was in my camisole, and I think these photos really show the size of my belly. It's growing a lot and I felt that the center of my balance shifted a bit when I stand or walk. It's getting harder to run now because of the extra weight, my shins hurt. I try to run daily because that's what I did before I got pregnant and the doctor said it's okay to continue what I did before, as long as I feel good about it. Although it's harder to run now, the benefit to running is too great (great stress relief and I sleep very well at night) not to continue.

Thank you so much for the encouraging comments for my last post. I was surprised to know that many of you had experienced similar things (unsolicited comments and advise) during your pregnancy as well. After reading the comments, I decided that it was really not worth worrying about it, and I should enjoy the time with my baby right now. It is too precious to be bothered by other things, and I will try my best to brush off the unwanted comments and advise:) Again, thank you all<3

I went to a doctor's visit this Wednesday, and it went well. The baby weights about 500 grams now, and healthy. Such a relief! I was really anxious to go because I was supposed to find out the baby's gender. But again, the doctor could not find out, because the baby's legs were on the way, and he/she wasn't moving much during ultrasound! The baby needs to be cooperative next time! My next visit is in early January, so I have another long month of waiting time:(

During my time in NY, my friend gave me Booda Organics' body butter. I love this product! It is a butter, but when you press the butter in your palms, it turns to body oil. It smells wonderful (chocolate!) and moisturizing. It's not only for preventing stretch marks, but can be used for basically anything, from wrinkle, cracks, dry skin, dry lips...etc. It's really great and I think I'm going to order another one when I'm done with this one.


::HARUNA:: said...

Hi, Chie. you look great and beautiful!
if running is getting too uncomfortable, maybe it's time to switch over to (power)walking...? my sis-in-law had a friend who jogged throughout her pregnancy and had an underweight/underdeveloped baby... not to make you worried or stressed, which is probably worse, but something to remember not to overdo. and probably fine if your doctor said so!

p.s I love the dress you made for your friend's wedding! it's gorgeous!!

Another Sewing Scientist said...

I think the dress in the next post is absolutely stunning as well! Maybe you should consider a line of these to sell since it looks like it would work as non-maternity too.

I commented on your 20week post, but I forgot to mention a few things: here in Quebec, we only get one or two scans during pregnancy: an early one if you need to confirm the date, and a final one around 20 weeks to check organ development. If you can't see the gender at 20 weeks, too bad! You have to wait until the birth! Also, I should mention that I gained 18 KILOS during my pregnancy (starting from around 57kg) and I was never told to watch my weight. Doctors and midwives here are more concerned with blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Enjoy your pregnancy!

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

>another sewing scientist

my mom gained 15 kg through out her pregnancy for all of her 3 kids, and we all came out fine too!
im not sure what's up with the tendency of recent japanese doctors, overly regulating the weight gain of the pregnant women here. it really makes me sad, especially because i dont think im gaining above average!

thank you for the compliment on the party dress:)