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September 5, 2010

Playing with my new toy!

Just got a DSLR, finally! I've been wanting one forever, and I finally decided to buy it. It was not cheap, so I was procrastinating the purchase for a while. It is Nikon SLR, and it is fun to play with!

My sister came over today so we went out for a practice photo shoot session. We could not find any good place to shoot around my neightborhood, since it is just a residential area. We walked around a bit, but couldn't find park either. Sorry the back ground is not all that exciting!

Those two designs are something that I had been working last week. I still need to complete 8 dresses in next 3 days!

party dress in silver lace black
party dress in silver lace black 3
party dress in silver lace black 2
polkadot back v dress 2
polka dot back v dress 1


Karencilla said...

ohh congrats!!
SLR are not cheap indeed! but they are totally worth it. I am saving to buy one next year. Can't wait to get it.

btw which model did you buy? i'm trying to decide between Nikon and Canon.

Angela said...

I really want a dslr, too! Hehe... but I have yet to bite the bullet. Hopefully one of these days.

vivatveritas said...

karen, mine is nikon d5000. i was deciding between nikon and cannon also, but i went with nikon because my brother who is a photographer for a newspaper recommended it. its nice!

Karencilla said...

yeah my uncle who managed the photography department at some part of Disney recommended me also Nikon but he said that Canon are good too and it's not that pricey.