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September 4, 2010

Cherry blossom tree in my living room

One of the decorations that I really wanted for my new place was a wall decal. I saw a cute bird and tree decal at my friend's place in the past, and I really wanted one too.
I think wall decal is a great way to decorate the wall, especially if you rent. I rent, and I'm glad to be able to decorate the wall without making a bunch of small holes from pushpins.

I ordered my at Qinqin Decal on Etsy. I think their price is very reasonable, and the decal came right away from NY to Japan!

Here is what my living room looked before..
The package came with 2 sheets of stickers and instruction. I cut out the pieces smaller so they are easier to apply.
Then placed the stickers on the wall. I used a tape to figure out the balance of the trees and flowers first before actually applying.



Cindora said...

It looks beautiful <3

Felicity said...

Beautiful, your home looks so relaxing and peaceful.

Sophia said...

So pretty! I love it!

Angela said...

Very pretty!!

Samantha Nandez said...

Beautiful idea I love it!!

Anonymous said...

is it possible to remove it from one wall and then use it again on the other? or is there any danger that it falls itself without any external force?

Anonymous said...

is it possible to remove it from one wall and then apply it to the other? is there any danger that the stickers move themselves without any external force?