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August 9, 2010

Small back V detail from vintage pattern

One of my inspiration sources for sewing comes from vintage patterns. I love going through etsy or ebay for different vintage patterns. I've purchased some from etsy, and I cherish those patterns (something about these patterns I feel so special about), but unfortunately, when it comes to using vintage patterns, it usually does not come out as I imagine. Many times, shoulders are too wide, and the patterns require a lot of modification.

Nevertheless, I do like looking at vintage patterns and the drawing on the pattern package to be inspired for next creation.

These small back v dresses are inspired from the pattern I found at Flickr. I like how the dress itself is pretty moderate, but has a good amount of flirtation with small back V line.
I like the choker and a small flower in the waist belt as well.


Lisa said...

Did you make your dresses just by looking at a picture? You are so talented!

yumi said...

Chie, I completely agree! I cut my first vintage dress pattern last week and was completely confused by the lack of sizing. Now there is a cut pile of paper that I'm too intimidated to work with..=/

You did an amazing job on these dresses!

xo Yumi

Lisa said...

you make wonderful dresses!! you are really talanted!

vivatveritas said...

i used a pattern and modify it, but it is a burdastyle pattern, and not the vintage one:)

hi! you have the same name as my sister! good luck with your vintage pattern - vintage patterns are lovely but a bit challenging to work with!


Thank you so much!