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June 1, 2010


Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial day weekend! I had a day off too (since I work in American schedule), and got to go out with two crafty friends/blogger/etsy seller, Kayo and Novita yesterday. We went to Asakusa-Bashi, which is a wholesale district for craft goods, including beads, zippers, lace, etc. They did not have much fabric selection, unfortunately, and I just wish Asakusa-Bashi is closer to Nippori, the fabric district in Tokyo, so I can do all the shopping at the same time!

This was the first time I shopped in Asakusa-Bashi, and Kayo showed us around. One of the shops we went is called Marbees. Here is the map and some reviews of the shop, here (it's in Japanese). I got some zippers in good wholesale price.

From left, Kayo, Novita and me:)
Aren't these zippers adorable? I've never seen this kind of zipper any where else. I love them!
I wrote about my favorite Indonesian dish, Soto Ayam in my last post. Sweet Novita saw it and gave me the instant powder for Soto Ayam. I'm so excited to make it myself!
We grabbed lunch at Indian restaurant. It was delicious!

Check out Kayo's crochet, accessories and clothes shop here, and Novita's shop full of clothes made by Indonesian batik here.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE LOVE those zippers! they are so adorable! does that store have an online entity? :)

::HARUNA:: said...

I've read you girls meet-up in Novita's post! that's great!!
and those zippers!! I want some!!!!!!!

Karencilla said...

omg, those zippers are to die for!!!! Wow that's awesome that you met Novita!

vivatveritas said...

hi juebyjue! i checked, but doesnt seem like they have online shop:(

haruna san, yea it was fun! if you ever come back to japan, we should all do it again:)

hi karen, i know! they had in different colors as well, but i liked the white one the best:)

Kara said...

OMG those zippers are fantastic! You'll have to show what you do with them! I wish I knew where I could get some. I'd use this tutorial and really make a feature of it:

XUE said...

I saw these zippers at the Tokyo Quilt Fest earlier this year & also at the Craft/Hobby Show in Odaiba. They are really pretty! And what a great time you must have had, at this get-together!

Erin Cathleen said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day. :) I'd love to see more of your pictures in and around Japan. Please keep 'em coming!

Jasmine Iris said...

oh my gosh i love these zippers! is there anyway to get them online? they are wonderful :]

Lia said...

my good friend got me these beautiful lace zipper in Singapore...I think the place is filled with Japanese import :D...aren't they just lovely!?