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June 3, 2010

Already used it, couldnt' wait.

If you know my character, you might know how impatient I am.. I always like things to happen NOW, and RIGHT HERE!. Same goes when it comes to sewing. The day after I got the lace zipper from Asakusa-Bashi, I sat in front of sewing machine and started sewing because I was dying to try my new zipper.

My impatience works both good and bad when it comes to sewing. Good, because I get on it quick, and am able to pump out good number of stuff in short time. Bad, because I know that I would end up making better stuff if I sit down, calm down and sketch the design before I touch the sewing machine.

I am okay with the result of this dress. I used gray and white stripes fabric, but in retrospect, I should have used black to make a contrast with white lace zipper, so the zipper pops out. Maybe next time.

The pattern I used is Mila, which is available for free on BurdaStyle. I like this pattern a lot, and used it to make this, this and this. For some reasons, it was only available in "Print at shop" version when it first came out. As impatient as I was, I took the pattern to a copy shop the next day it came out, and print it out. However, the person at Kinko's shrunk the pattern to fit the page, and it was shrunk for about 15 %. So the dress is pretty small, but fits me well.

Oh do you see the thread holder in behind? My husband made it for me! It's not quite straight, and the sticks that's sticking out are too thick to hold regular thread and only hold serger threads, but oh well, he tried:) <3

I happened to find this lace that matches the zipper perfectly in my sewing box. I probably had gotten in a while ago at 100 yen shop or something.


Drea said...

lace zipper?! So cute. I'm not usually a fan of exposed zippers, but that is beautiful.

Megan said...

The lace zipper is very cute, and the dress you made with it looks amazing! Matatabi sells lace zips on etsy, and I've been tempted to try one out for some time. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Juebejue said...

That is very pretty! I think you chose a really good fabric for it, I like the subtle cuteness :)

@ megan: thanks for the lead!

Fashion wild said...

very nice blog!

Angela said...

Cute dress! I just love that zipper!

Erin Cathleen said...

Love this dress! The lace zipper contrasts nicely with the stripes, I think. You look super cute!

Ophelia.k said...

You are really impatient. (hehe I am just kidding)
I wish I could work on something that quick. Mine is still in a bag...:( Hope I can find out the way to use it right.
Yours looks awesome!!