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April 2, 2010

socks + sandals

I've noticed some fashionable people online are wearing short socks (especially in black) with pumps, oxford and sandals. I like the mix of oversized vintage shirt and socks & oxford by Song of Style. Bravegirrl (on the right) wears brown socks with Balenciaga sandals, although it looks almost impossible to walk and do some everyday stuff with those killer heels, she really looks chic!
Late Afternoon is my daily read.. not only I like style, but also I am attracted to her long blond hair with bangs. The hear style really suits her.


Samantha Nandez said...

I love this trend! Means you can wear sandals even in winter :D Or if you need a pedicure ;)

vivatveritas said...

oh i didn't think of pedicure thing! haha thats so true!

Naoko said...

love the blue skirt on the bottom left!
I want this skirt!!!!

jasminee said...

i actually just did this lil rend last night! i got lots of compliments.

p.s. i just started following your blog and i love it!

vivatveritas said...

jasminee, thats so sweet of you! thank u!

jasminee said...

no problem. your clothes are absolutely gorgeous! whenever i am caught up on rent/bills i am totally buying a dress for the summer! :]