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April 3, 2010

Backless dress by Petite Republic

I just sew a post over at Petite Republic about her new creation - backless dress! I'm so flattered because she mentioned that she fell in love with my garden party dress and wanted to make her own.

I think her dress turned out so lovely. She used Danielle dress pattern from BurdaStyle as a base, and changed up the back panel. Although I separated the back pane in two (top and bottom), she uses one big panel with a hole in the middle.

She also shares her tips for using interface for the bust area, so it's slightly padded. Obviously, you cannot wear a regular bra with this backless dress. I didn't think of using the interface, and it is such a great idea! I should do that next time I make this dress.
When I wear this patterned dress myself (I made it in gray satin for myself to wear it to an upcoming wedding! will show it here soon..) I use sticky bra I stole from my sister. I believe they sell it at Victoria's Secret, but it is a bra made out of silicon or something, and has no straps, and it literally sticks to your boobs. The only problem with it is that it gets really gross when you sweat, since the silicon like material does not observe sweat.

Anyway, check out her blog and all creations! She has occasional giveaway at her blog as well.


Juebejue said...

:D:D:D Im glad you like my dress too!! thanks for the post <3 :)

vivatveritas said...

yea your dress is sooo sweet!

yumi said...

I love these other versions of your already amazing dress! Nervous about cutting up/fitting the Danielle pattern but definitely want to try. :D

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