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January 22, 2010

Mini Sailor Collection

I just realized I made these clothes before the new year but never got around to posting it here. I got this cute sailor fabric, with helm print on ivory-ish white background in Nippori a while ago. I know it's winter now, but I wanted to forget about the cold weather and skipped Spring, and made a small collection with this summery print. It's so cold here, (well, not as cold as Philly, so I should not whine about it) and I can't wait for the warmer weather.

Sailor mini skirt
For this, I wanted to show the uniqueness of the print, so I decided to go for a simple pattern.
Pockets on the side, and the sash comes from the side as well, which can be tied both front and back. Elastic waist - I love elastic waist! So easy and comfy to put on. And again, my sister criticized my creation and said it looks like an apron. I'm slowly getting used to her insults:p
Sailor dress
I really like the two tone + cross over details, and will be making more dresses like this with different fabric combination!
Dear fellow sewers, any of you participating the Coats & Clark Pink & Red fashion contest? I'd love to enter, but I can't come up with any good combination of red and pink. Those are the colors that I tend to combine with... I'm kind of stuck and the time is running out. ;(

Some sewing & knitting tutorials to share:
* Great tutorial of crochet hat from Vallieskids. Love the bow on the side.
* Head band tutorial from UCreate. An awesome way to use left over fabrics!


SH said...

In case you missed out on this, the contest rules also call for thread as element to your design.
Quote: "You must use thread as a design element in the garment. For example—decorative stitching, embroidery, thread painting, topstitching—be creative!"

Good luck!

lunatepetal said...

I love how you did the top part of the dress. very pretty!
I would love to enter the contest, but neither of pink or red is my color,,, so I kind of got stuck there... :(

littlecottondresses said...

I wanted to enter the contest and even prepared some designs, but am somewhat uninspired. No fabric funds anyway.

Samantha Nandez said...

I think this skirt is absolutely precious! The bow accent is marvelous and any skirts with pockets are A OK in my book :D

Don't worry about your sister ;)

vivatveritas said...

>SH, yea i knew i could incorporate the color as a thread:) thanks for the input though!

>lunate, agreed, im just not feeling like pink or red right now. i really liked your tulip skirt in last contest, and would love to see your new creation for the contest!

the date is coming up! me neigher, i'm not able to find fabric that inspires me..i'm interested to see what other people come up with though!!

thank you!! i try not to worry about my sis:) she is away for the weekend anyway:p

Eri said...

Hello there,

Nice blog! Just came across it...

Please come and check out my page too!

I hope to see you soon.

Trisha said...

Love the sailor skirt! And thanks for the link to the headband tutorial-- what a great idea to use a hair tie for the elastic! Why didn't I think of that? :)

Erin Cathleen said...

That sailor dress is the cutest!