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September 5, 2009

Fabric shopping in Nippori

Two weeks ago in Philly, I had to give away all my fabric stash, probably about three or four big bags full of them. It was so sad because I had some plan for those fabrics, but never got to it. And there was no way I could take them all, because shipping is so expensive, it is like 130 bucks for 30 pounds.

Today I went to a fabric shopping in Nippori, which is like a fabric row of Japan. It is right off the JR Nippori station, and when you get out of east exit and walk straight ahead, you will start to see row of fabric shops and cheap clothing stores.

Two bags of goodies from Tomato (best fabric shop in Nippori in my opinion)!
Here is what I got:
1. hot pink stretch knit for fall dress
2. blue stretch knit - planning to make a dress to wear for my friend's wedding in the end of September. Considering making a one-shoulder dress, which would be my first try!
3. Sailor cotton fabric..isn't this fabric way too cute?
4. Polka dot
5. Khaki suiting fabric to make more of circle skirt


Karencilla said...

oh i envy you Chie! those are nice fabrics! how is everything going over there in Japan?

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

hi karen! im excited to make new clothes with these fabrics! things here are fine. just trying to get used to the life over here. we are both working, but not too crazy, so im happy that i still have the time to work on sewing stuff:) how about your self?