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December 29, 2009

Mom's closet

Before the craziness of Christmas and Holiday had started, I had a chance to sneak into my mother's room to go through her closet. I just wanted to borrow some interfacing, but ended up finding more fun stuff than that in her closet. A few of them are the old patterns above. They look like they are from the early 90's or something.

The one on the left is a blouse pattern with cute sleeves. I'm not a big blouse person, and I don't wear them except I wear a suit, but I really like the sleeves and the sash around the waist. When I get a chance, I want to make one for myself and pair it with shorts or something in the summer.

My mother called the pattern on the right "pregnant dress", and I think it's perfect! Perhaps I will make one for my best friend, who is now 6 month pregnant.

I also found these fabrics along with the patterns. Mint green hound tooth print and brown polka dot! These are something that I would not be the first one to buy at the fabric shop (since I always go for florals), it's good, gives me some varieties. I only had a little over 1 meter of them, so I decided to make the following clothes...

♡Mint chocolate chip skirt♡
I used the same pattern as this leopard skirt I made for Tokyo Made Market.
I like this pattern since it only needs 1 meter to make, and I love pockets.
♡Polka dot dolly dress♡
Same pattern as this dress I made before. Just omitted the pockets. Since this fabric does not have stretch, I cut back in half and added an invisible zipper for a closure.
Both my husband and my sister tells me either I look like a nun or a little child with this dress. But I'm fully satisfied with the result, and most of all, happy to be able to use the fabric that had been sleeping in my mom's closet for more than 10 years!


Kat said...

That skirt is super cute!

vivatveritas said...

thank you kat:)


you look so adrorable in that brown dress ;)

maritaBliss said...

OH MY GOD, that dress is AMAZING ! Love, love, love!

Bethany said...

I found your blog via Burda style and I really love your creations! I especially like the little skirt you did - it's fabulous, you're very talented. I hope to someday be able to sew garments, I'm trying out my first skirt this week!