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December 31, 2009


Oh, I can't believe the year 2009 will be over in two hours! I'm not doing much today, just watching K-1 fight on TV, since I have to leave relatively early on tomorrow morning.

As I said before, I re-discovered the fun of knitting the other day, and I've been spending more time on knitting than sewing lately. I took out this Japanese knitting book from the library, titled, "Onnanoko no Knit Komono", which means "Knit Goods for Girls".

I really wanted to make the scarf above. I think the ruffle at the edge is so feminine and cute, and the scarf itself has lace-like feel to it. I tried to follow the pattern 4 times. Knitting and re-doing again and again for 4 times! But I kept missing the seams(? not sure the knitting term in English), and I just couldn't do it. I gave up. Some day, though, I want to make that one.

So I went for easier stuff, and just did the rib knitting for a scarf. I used a thick needles on purpose to creat more chunky look. I have not finished it yet though.

At the same time, I am knitting gray scarf as well. I'm making this very skinny, and long. I didn't use any pattern, but just came up with this on my own, and not sure how to describe it. I need to learn more knitting term...

I am taking these to the plain tomorrow, and I will be away for a week on vacation! So excited:)

Have a happy new year!!


Anna said...

really pretty! i hate not knowing how to knit.
Happy new year!

Behind The Seams said...

looks like a fun hobby!

Anonymous said...

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Linda said...

Fun. I have jewelry to go with your knitting or sewing.

carlyjcais said...

These are beautiful! That ruffled edge to the scarves looks tricky. (Good luck trying to get knitting needles on a plane...:-P) Knitting is so relaxing though - I wish I had time to do it again!

By the way, I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award.
Check it out here:

Keep the lovely blog posts coming and have a great trip!<3