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December 24, 2009

Neck warmers

I've long forgotten how much I enjoyed knitting. I had not knitted for so long, perhaps more than 5 years, but I recently rediscovered the joy of knitting while my mother was in the hospital. I spent hours in the hospital, waiting, and I needed to do something with the time. I could have read, but I wasn't in the mood for reading, so I picked up a couple of yarns and started knitting.

The picture above was my second neck warmer I made. I first made the same one in white for my self. I used 100% wool white yarn to make a chunky neck warmer. I love it, and I take it with me everywhere I go now, except, 100% wool kind of irritate my skin a bit. So for the second one, I used 100% acrylic mohair yarn, and it came out much better - it is so soft! I added the second one to my shop. I didn't use any patterns and I can't read knitting patterns, they confuse me very much. So I just knitted in rib, and connected the ends at the end.

I think neck warmer is perfect for me, since I don't like wearing turtle necks. They choke me and I feel like I can't breath when I'm wearing them. So I always wear something open around neck, and I like the neck warmer since I can take it off easily, as oppose to turtle neck sweaters.

Oh, and by the way, I'm finally starting to figure out how to use twitter...I've had an account for months, but never updated it, but I'll be good and update it more regularly from now on... follow me on twitter

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