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October 14, 2009

Vintage reconstructed... 2

Following yesterday's vintage re-constructed dress, I went on to make this mini skirt with the left over fabric. I am happy that I got to use the entire dress!
I made it very simple, no pockets, it is mini, and has elastic shirred for the waist for easy fitting.
I paired it with limited white long-t (from Kaitlyn), diy vest/gilet, vintage belt, uniqlo tights and payless booties. I wish I still had my turquoise pumps, so it would match with my belt, but unfortunately, I gave those pairs away when I moved from Philadelphia to Japan two months ago.
I sew a great post at What I Wore about how to organize tights. I used to put all tights and socks mix together in a drawer, but her way of organizing tights made much more sense. It made it so much easier for me to pick my tights in the morning by hanging on a hanger like her!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Karencilla said...

ohhh you too! i love the tights.

vivatveritas said...

thanks karen:)