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October 6, 2009

Vintage-inspired mini flower dress

So immediately after I came back from fabric shopping, I washed the fabric and cut the fabric to make a dress. Here is the result.

This is the same design as my Kirsten Dunst inspired dress, but for some reasons, it came out bigger than the last dress I made. I made two modifications to the dress.
1) No bow this time, because of the pattern, I thought it would be too much to add a bow..
2) Instead of gathering the skirt part, I added some pleats. Well, it did not gather, since the fabric is relatively thick. So I made a quick modification!

I belted it and threw a blazer on.
Also, I wore knee-high socks instead of tights today. I am still not sure if I like them or not, I am afraid that I kind of look like an amine character?! You know, sailor moon is always wearing knee-high socks... At least they are comfortable relatively. I detest over-the-knee boots, and so sad they are in this winter, but I am okay with knee-high socks!

It has been raining for days now, and they say typhoons are coming on Thursday. I want to see the Sun! I feel down when the weather is bad. Although, the weather here is much milder than the one in Philly, so I shouldn't complain much.

By the way, I made Thai red curry yesterday with the instant soup mix my sister got from Thailand. Since both my husband and I like spicy food, I added three extra dried hot peppers for extra spiciness. and, I must have forgotten to wash my hands and touched my eyes, my eyes burnt so badly. It was like someone sprayed pepper spray on me. I thought I would go blind. That was very scary!
This will be listed in my shop!


Marita Bliss said...

What a cute dress! And I love it with the over-knee socks, and they're not really anime, they're just awesomely cute ;)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

wow so beautiful, great job!

RocĂ­o Lafuente said...

AMAZING dress!! You look gorgeous.


Karencilla said...

i want!

Anonymous said...

great job, lovely!!


Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

thank you all!

marita, im glad that i dont like like a anime character!