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October 21, 2009

Today's outfit: Plaid and black

Wearing: thrifted plaid shirt (borrowed from my sister while she is off to Bali!), thrifted black tunic, uniqlo leggings, unknown pants, thrifted gold and pearl necklace.

This black tunic was just what I wanted: mini, a bit over-sized, and perfect for layering. On top of that, it was only 50 yen!

Since I work from home, sometimes I just have to go outside to get some fresh air. Yesterday, I wondered off to a nearby park. It was beautifully sunny outside! I live about an hour outside of Tokyo. When you think of Tokyo, you might think of all craziness, crowds and neon and so on, and it is true, Tokyo can be overwelming. But if you take a subway to little off Tokyo, you find such a rural area like my place - lots of rice field. I do like living in the city and close access to a fund stuff, restaurant and shopping sites, but this has been a good break from violent, noisy Philly.

And look what I found? A small kitten at the park. Appearetly someone has been feeding this little one. Unfortunately, I can't take any more cats at home since I already have one.. but he is so cute.
Oh, and special thanks to Look 10, who featured my style in the blog (here), and Bleusnow, who purchased and reviewed the dress I made;)


Naoko said...

chie! you have to take this poor cute kitten!!!!!!!!

vivatveritas said...

i know.. he was so cute. i already have one at home so i couldnt take him back. :(