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October 20, 2009

diy leopard skirt

When I have some sewing idea, I get so jittery until I get it done. So, tada! I finished it. It was an easy & simple project. I cut the hem of the dress straight along with its lining, and added waist elastic to make the skirt.

I still think it is too much leopard for me. Maybe I should incorporate the leopard trend of this year in more subtle way, like jewelry and accessories and stuff.
Are you a leopard print fan??


vicen said...

Thanks for your comment, I hope you continue with your outfit so pretty.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Gorgeous DIY! Love the transformation from dress to skirt. I don't think this is too much leopard. The dress might have been. I personally am careful with this trend as well, but I think you balanced it very well with this outfit. Great blog by the way :)

Akazukin said...

Good job! Like I said, I am not a leopard print fan but I am starting to think it depends on how you wear it and who wears it. Cheap looking accessories and bad make-up can bring the taste level down in a hurry. I wouldn't worry, IMHO you're looking sophisticated.

Karencilla said...

it is a great DIY! i love how it turned out!

PS about the rings, well they are from different stores and some of them are gifts, other antiques from my family!

vivatveritas said...

vicen, thank you for the feature! xoxo

the haute-shopper - thank you:) i always feel a bit uneasy when i wear leopard though. im just not used to wearing that pattern i guess.

akazukin chan, i completely agree! that is my biggest fear of leopard prints - i dont want to look like a prostitute.

karen, i love your ring collection so much. i love statement rings!

maritaBliss said...

I'm not really a leopard print fan, but the was your using it makes it adorable ♥ I want a leopard-print skirt too now x) haha.

Love the was you remade the top, the skirt is so cute !