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October 29, 2009

hot pink!

For this cardigan, I got the inspiration from the Karen Cardigan that BurdaStyle posted last week. Since I don't have a patience to print out pattern, put them together and all that, I just made it myself something similar. I think mine is a bit less flowing, less ruffly because Andy hates ruffle. I do like a little bit or ruffle, but I tend to avoid overly sweet ruffly stuff. I also added two buttons, one outside and one inside of the cardigan and button loops so it can be worn button up as well. As I was taking pictures for the cardigan outside of my house, I found those lovely flowers which happened to be the same color as my new creation:)
The bodice is only one fabric. This time, I connected the front panels and back panel together, instead of making side seems. I wanted to create somewhat flowey less formal look. I am thinking of making this in maybe linen or something for a jacket next time.
Wearing: handmade cardi, harem pants from thailand, unknown black pumps, and thrifted gold chain and pearl necklace.


Kendra said...

very creative

Mila said...

Beautiful cardi!

Becca said...

I love cardigans and this one is very very nice :)

Anonymous said...

soo cute :)


vivatveritas said...

thank you everyone! :)