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September 22, 2009

zipper zipper 3

I'm sure it is getting annoying how I keep posting about my zipper projects. But I can't seem to not use it right now. This time, I added it in the front of the dress. Since the fabric is stretchy, I did not need a zipper for a practical reason, but it adds an interesting essence to a simple dress.

Pattern is not used. I just used my own measurements.

Right now, Japan has so called "Silver week". 9/21 is a national holiday to celebrate the aged, and 9/23 is the official start of the fall. And the Japanese government has a rule of whatever day that is sandwiched with national holidays become a holiday as well. So 9/22 is off too. They started calling this long weekend "Silver week" since they have "Golden week" in the end of April to beginning of May.

Not for me though. Since I work on American schedule, I am working! While I work, I leave the online radio on - Mostly Aol radio now. Since I cannot use Pandora anymore. I've listened to Hip Hop, R&B, Piano Classical, Jazz, Sinatra style Jazz, Brazilian Jazz.. and right now Pop music. I need some new music though! At some point, I am listening to the same music over and over again. Any recommendation on good online radio?


Akazukin said...

Yes, I was sad when Pandora discontinued their service to listeners in Japan. You could try using Jango. I don't like it as much but you do have the option to rate and choose songs.

verypurpleperson said...

Oh no, not annoying at all! Please keep on doing the zipper projects, it's very interesting to see you use them in different ways!
I often listened to, they have all kinds of music and the connection is pretty good ^.^

Samantha Nandez said...

adorable dress, great work! As far as radio though, I'm not sure I know any besides Pandora, sorry.

mer3kat said...

IDK if you can use it but you can try I like it :]

Don't stop using ur zippers they loook soo cute :]

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

hi akazukin chan and very purple person, thank you so much for the radio recommendations! they are both great, i have more customized music list using those online radios:)

thank you samantha!

thank you mer3kat, btw, what does IDK mean?

Anonymous said...

You look stunning! :)