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September 24, 2009

Make up post

I'm taking a day break from sewing posts and writing about make up. I love make up and I use the following...

Foundation: Origins - this is very light weighted and that's why I like it. I don't use it every day, but whenever I feel like it I put it on and never got pimples from this. I usually choose a color that is one tone lighter than my actual skin. This must be the Japanese thing (or Asian thing?), but we all want to look lighter, as the saying goes "Fair skin conceals seven faults of a woman's face"...

Powder: Clinique - Most of the time I only wear this light weight powder with a sunscreen. Gift from my friend Kaitlyn!

Benefit eye makeup pallet: I love benefit products. I think they have great quality products for the price. I used this eye make up pallet so much, I don't have any eye shadows left inside. It came with concealer, dark and light tone brown eye shadows and dark brown powder liner. Now I use the dark brown power liner for my eye brows.

Hard Candy eye shadow pallet: To replace the Benefit eye shadows, I've started using Hard Candy. It works well. It comes with 6 or 7 different colors, including black, brown, silver and purple. I only use dark and light browns, maybe purple once a week. I predominantly use brown, because I know it certainly makes my small eyes look a bit bigger!

NYC black liquid eye liner - cheap, and works well!

De ja vous fiber wig mascara: This is AMAZING. This is about my 5th time, using the same mascara. It is not so much the effect of it, but the way it comes off when you remove the make up is pretty unique. It comes off as if the crumb is coming out when you use an eraser. It does not make your eyes all black, or hurt at all. This is great - you can purchase it at Sephora!

Outfit detail: Jacket - borrowed from my sister, Coco deal, Skirt - borrowed from my sister, Zara, Top - no brand, don't remember where I bought it, Belt - thrifted, Clutch - vintage, flea market.

It is absolutely great to have my sister around - she lets me borrow her clothes, and I love this biker Jacket from her! Went out with my girl friends to a Italian restaurant last night:)


mom & son said...

nice outfit!
i'm using origins foundation too
and i'm loving it!

Eva Internazionale said...

The lighting in that photo is so pretty.

chie said...

mom and son, yea origins have good stuff!

hi eva, thank you:) sorry it got a bit blurry:p