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September 10, 2009

One-shoulder dress

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how I wanted to try making a one-shoulder dress. So I put my act together, and sew this up. I know, this is far different from gorgeous Badgley Mischka dresses that I admire, but it is a start. This was my first time making one-shoulder dress. I had not tried making one because I wasn't attracted to them before. I hope my version of one-shoulder dress don't look like I'm Miss America or political candidate (it might only be Japan, but they wear this shoulder thing in campaign with their party name on) or something. If so, please tell me! I won't be offended:p

The base dress is pretty simple. I created a tube top first. I lined it with the same fabric for the fear of seeing through, and on top, added a little loop to go through an elastic band.
The skirt is a circle skirt, I think Burdastyle has a simple how-to of it. I usually cut out a square fabric, fold it twice, then cut the hem so it will be a perfect circle. Then at the other end of the folded square, I cut out a small circle, which is where your waist goes in when wearing it. Then I put the tube top and the skirt together, added a sash that goes around the back, crossing, and tie it on the left side.


NGLaLALa said...

Cute dress! It doesn't look like Miss America at all!

Erin Cathleen said...

That dress is gorgeous! Such a pretty color on you. I'm a little unsure of the one-shoulder trend hails from the seventies and keeps on coming back. But I might want to try this dress on for size. :) You make beautiful, wearable clothes. Love!

nehmah said...

Hello, I like teh look of your one-shoulder dress. The banners you spoke of, IMO, would be much improved if they were like yours. (they couldn't write as much by way of slogans there (evil smile) I tried to look at the link for the dress. Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link by that name, it "was not found". I thought you might want to check this out. Cordially, Nehmah

chie said...

nglalala, thank you so much! i was afraid that i would look like one.

hi erin, thank you for your compliment! yea, i wasnt sure about the one shoulder trend, until i saw the badgely collection. they make it in a way that looks classy, not disco - 80's like.

hi nehmah, thanks for your input about the banners! i should change it to something more fashionable. any ideas?

nehmah said...

Good evening, I gave your banner some thought. About my only suggestion would be to make the panel somewhat wider with a series of soft vertical pleats that cascade to the waistline.
BTW, I think we were talking at cross-purposes regarding banners. I had in mind the sort that politicians wear to tell all and sundry what noble, patriotic, empathetic humans they are. You were speaking of the fall of self-fabric that goes from the bustline to the waist and drops down. I had politics and voting on the brain that night. Sorry if I fouled your lines. Cordially, Nehmah

chie said...

hi nehmah, thank you for your thoughts! i like your idea a lot. wider, with a pleat. it might be difficult to make with the fabric i used here, since it has so much stretch, but maybe in matte satin or something for more dressy look? im excited about this! thank you:)