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September 10, 2009

autum flowers

Just quick post about today's (Wednesday) outfit. I'm doing pretty well with getting out of pajama and wearing actual clothes to work at home. Sometimes I skip make-up if I don't have enough time, but I think I'm allowed.. especially when no one is looking at me, unlike the office!

Dress: Urban outfitter's, $10 on sale 2 years ago

Ankle booties: Payless
Necklace: F21

I like this dress since I can wear it all year around. I pair it with a half sleeve white knit today, but in the summer I can wear it with a tub top, and in winter, I can pair it with a turtle neck. So versatile! And I love the price. Actually, my sister got it for me and myself about two years go. She is so lucky when it comes to Urban Outfitter's sale.

I got these booties last year, after looking at Jessica from what I Wore wearing it many times. I like the look of it, but they actually hurt very much:(

I wore this to work and go to gym after work. I joined a gym here. Excited to be back on schedule with working out more frequently.


Ms. Butterfly said...

Love the outfit, you look gorgeous.

cody said...

lovely outfit.
xx cody

Natalie said...

very cute little heels! :)


chie said...

thank you natalie! i love your blog. didnt know you were a model!