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September 3, 2009

Black jersey ruffle vest

New creation! Doesn't this look like the vest I borrowed from my sister the other day? The difference is that it has an open back. I like this way better.. what do you think?

I added this to my etsy shop today.

Outfit detail: Tank indio (japanese cheap brand), skirt handmade, belt my sister's, sandals bandolino.
I'm wearing this polka dot skirt here and here also.

Do you wanna know how I made this vest?

rectangle and a small hole in the middle :p
credit: Wonderfulhm.


KajOz said...

That's great! I like it very much and it looks like the one you borrowed from your sister the other day...

Anna said...

wow! so cool! love it and that polka dotted skirt!

::HARUNA:: said...

I like how simple, yet drape so nicely on the body. I might have to try making one :)

Angela said...

Cute! The front looks like the cardigan I'm making without sleeves. :)

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

hi k:io, i know! it does. my sisters' has the back, but that would be the only one difference, pretty much!

hi anna, thank you for the compliment:)

hi luna, yea, you definitely should! let me know if you have any questions!

nglalala, i sew the cardigan in your blog! the drapiness look pretty similar to that!

Kaitlyn Dreyling said...

OMG! Seung and I laughed out loud when we saw it was a rectangle with a hole! But it really does drpae very nicely!!! xo




mer3kat said...

omfg that is soo cute :]]

It looks just like ur sisterss

Imma try to make one

How big is the rectangle though

and how big did you make the hole


Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

hi mer3kat, i forgot how big it was... i think it is 60cm in length, but width, not sure. should be long enough to wrap you around so it will drape nicely. i made a hole 13cm from the top, not sure how big it is, it should be big enough that your shoulders go through. i recommend adjusting it as you try it on. hope this helps!

Caroline said...

Really liked this one too! I'm gonna try one tomorrow if I find the time! =) It's an elastic fabric right?

Tara-ComfyandPrettyBlog said...

so clever! I´ve just found your site and really like it.