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August 5, 2009

sentimental... and moving sale!

Sorry for lack of update. I'm just running around taking care of stuff and saying good bye to people. My church and Bible Study which meets on Tuesday nights gave Andy and I the card above. It was six pages of messages from people! I've never gotten a card like this.

My blog and etsy shop will be bit slow this month. I cannot accept any more custom orders for this month because of the move. Although, I am having sales since I would like to reduce the amount of stuff I have to carry from Philly to Japan. Not all the items are listed as "Sales", but if you are interested, please inquire the discount at! The sale will last til August 19th, and after that, the shop will be closed until September 1st.


::HARUNA:: said...

that is very sweet of them making you guys a 6 page card!
I am sure you are REALLY busy getting stuff all packed and ready, and running errands... good luck with your move! and enjoy the rest of your time there with friends and family :)

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

hi lunatepatel! thank you for your comment:) how did your move go? i hope you like your new place!!