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July 31, 2009

Samantha Pleet

Image is from
Image is from BuzzHype

Ever since I saw this cute rompers on I Don't Like Mondays, I wanted to know more about the designer. Found out, the designer, Samantha Pleet, design many more rompers than the one I saw previously. The pictures above, are from last year (2008) collections. She perfected rompers. They are feminine, but has a bit of vintage feel... I love them all!
Also found out that she is originally from Philadelphia, and now lives in NY. It is so cool to think that she is from the same city as I am!

Pleet has a limited collection in Urban Outfitter now. Her Rapscallion jumper is just adorable. Check out here, it is $58 at Urban Outfitters!


yiqin; said...

It's so cute! I want the yellow one.

we wear things said...

oh wow.. I LIKE IT ALL.

thanks for the tip

Lola Vintage Clothing said...

perrfect color for that shorts outfit!

chie said...

i agree! i love all her stuff!

The Clothes Horse said...

The rompers are cute but I REALLY like that hooded dress!
P.S. The flower you asked about is both real and an accessory. It is a preserved orchid.