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July 15, 2009

flowers, babydoll and water ice..

I made this baby doll dress last night. (see it bigger here).I think I'm into using different fabric, different material to make a dress now. Not only it makes it more interesting than using one fabric, but also it helps me to go through my fabric stash! I have tons of fabric which I might have to get rid of when I move to Japan in a month and a half. Some fabrics from my stash are too small to make a whole dress. This flower fabric is one of them. I made a dress, and another dress, and a skirt out of a thrifted flower sheet. So I only have a little bit of the flower fabric left, but the fabric was too cute to just throw away. Then I decided to put together with black. The back of it is shirred for easy fitting..

I had a water ice today! I love water ice in the summer. It is so soothing and summery!

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