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July 9, 2009

Black cotton jumpsuit

Do you remember how much I wanted to make harem pants? Well, I finally made it! plus top, so a jumpsuit! I'm so happy about the result. It goes well with my new sandals as well...:)

I've been using Jane pattern from Burdastyle a lot lately. For this jumpsuit, I lengthen the pants pattern so it comes right under my knees. Then, I gathered the pants hem using an elastic thread, and added a folded over band. For top, its an easy tube top with ruffle.

The strap was Andy's idea. He kept saying that he wanted a strap that looked like a choker. I had no idea what he was saying, but after he drew a picture (crappily), I had a better idea of what he was talking about. I'm glad that Andy and I could collaborate on this!


DaisyChain said...


Naoko said...

I like this jumpsuit the best among other ones you made! Really nice!

lunatepetal said...

great job!
i love it so much :)

chie said...

thank you all of you!!
im pretty happy about how it came out as well! i never made pants before this!

Caroline said...

Wow I loved it!! I agree with DaisyChain - I WANT!

chie said...

hi caroline! thank you!! it is very comfy to wear and i like it too:) xo

Lola Vintage Clothing said...

Harem pants! I can't believe you made these! Great job!

chie said...

hi lola! thank you for visiting - i just started following your blog! you have great vintage clothes. yes, i've been wanting to make harem pants, and i finally did! im happy about how they came out:)