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June 29, 2009

Weekends always feel so short...

Dress: bought in Thailand, Kao San street about 3 years ago
Earrings: H&M
Listening to U remind me by Usher

Do you know Pandora Radio? It is an online radio, and commercial free! When you type the singer you like or a song, they will generate a station consists of the similar kind of songs and singers. It is great and I've been using it for a while now.

I bought this dress in Kao San streen in Thailand, when I went there for the first time about three years ago. I remember haggling with the vendor, trying to lower the price... in retrospect, it made not much difference, since it is like 2-3 bucks difference in US dollars. But I just remember fighting with that vendor guy. I noticed that Kao San street changed a lot in the past two, three years, when I went to Bangkok two weeks ago. There are more foreign tourists, and the vendors became less willing to faggle with me. Sad:(


A little Princess said...

Cute blog, you're so lovely and creative xoxo

chie said...

thank you little princess! xo

Karencilla said...

Too bad i can't use Pandora Radio, since i don't live in the US!!
You look so cute!

chie said...

oh do you have to live in the states to use the radio? i thought since its on the internet, you can use it everywhere... thats too bad!