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November 27, 2008


i was tagged by karen a while ago. i was meaning to do it, but im so bad at making a list about my self, so i kept delaying it... but tonight, im writing 7 things about myself. 
here are 7 things that i love...

1) im addicted to peanut butter. anything with peanut butter in it, i can eat endlessly. 
my favorits are nips peanut butter and reeses butter cups! 
aw, when i googled "nips" to get an image, i happened to get pictures of many naked women.. oops. 

2) kettlebell training:
its an exercise using the type of waight, called kettlebell. kettlebell looks like a kettle with handle, and you swing it, with both hands or one hand, do snaches...etc. 
since i started going to the kettlebell class at gym, i think my body has changed a lot. 
i started because my husband did it first. he was inspired by Gerald Butler in the movie, 300, who trained using kettlebell for the movie! 

3) running
i used to HATE running, because its so hard. but for some reasons, im into it now. im training for broadstreet run in next may. its a 10 mile run. 

4) im already running out of stuff to say... so i list my favorite blogs and website:

chelsea she posts her handmade clothes in her blog.. i love her style
静香のメイク日記 this is in japanese..she updates her make up, hairstyle and fashion stuff and ive been reading this for a while
Polyvore i can play with this site for hours! 

5) im cooking turkey tomorrow! 

6) i love hookah. i have one. its like a middle eastern version of tabacco. its nothing shady or scary, it's a type of tabacco with less nicotine in it, so not addictive. my favorite flavors are pineapple and kiwi! 

7) last one! 
my dream is to one day open up a small coffee shop/boutique. 
a coffee shop that has had made section in the back, maybe? i love coffee! 

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