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November 26, 2008


i just found out about this shop, called Ruche today through this blog, omiru.
i fell in love with the store!

my favorites are....
this earrings for $9.99

floral dress for $29.99 on sale... love the flower details!

roses and red dress for $36.99. only size L is available:(

all images are downloaded from rache.

i love how reasonable their stuffs are! they looks so fashionable i dont know how they keep their prices so reasonable. they have sale on black friday, and everything will go 20% off. im very excited for that.

it seems like they have an online store only, no physical stores.


Karencilla said...

i love the dress with the flowers details and the handbag!!! and you are right those prices are awesome and affordable.

chie said...

i know! its like forever 21 prices. i dont know how she does it. it seems like the owner is running this online shop by herself.