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May 6, 2011

Mommy's diary 2

Thank you for all your advice and encouragement on breast feeding last week! I thought I was the rare one who was having the engorgement problem, so it was comforting to know that other people face the same problem as well. You are right, it DID get better. Although it is not completely pain free, I can see the improvement I made in a week. I think my body is adjusting the milk production to the baby's needs, and also the baby is drinking more, which helps a lot. I read about the cabbage leaf thing for engorgement help while I was doing some research online. I've never tried it since it sounds like a lot of work to prepare, but I read about it all over the place. It sounds like of strange to me that such an ancient method helps!

So here is one of my favorite outfits for Sophia from my father-in-law - lion suit! The suit has a tail as well:p
I can't believe how much she's grown in the past two weeks. I can see her getting bigger by the day.

I gained total of 10kg through out my pregnancy. Two days after the delivery, I stepped on a scale at the hospital, and almost screamed, since I only lost 2kg! It was mathematically incorrect - the baby weighted 3.6kg, plus water and placenta (I'm assuming it to be 2-3kg), and I lost twice as much blood than normal during delivery. I was expecting to see 5-7kg weight loss.
But a week after the delivery, I ended up loosing 8kg without doing much - no change in eating or no exercise. Now it's been two weeks, the last 2kg hasn't come out yet. Once I get the doctor's go-ahead, I'm going back to doing a hard work out, so I can fit in to the dress I made for my self for the 1940's swing dress sew-along!


Emily said...

Oh she is SO cute!! That extra weight must've gone straight into breastmilk or something. ;) You look awesome!!

hana.k said...

Love the lion suit :)

It was probably fluid retention if you had an IV in the hospital.
I'm still losing the weight I gained slowly because I haven't started exercising yet. Got out of practice while I was pregnant and it's hard to get back into it! You'll be back in shape like *snap* since you were so diligent in working out :) Don't overdo it though, it can affect breastfeeding if you lose too much too fast at once! As long as you're eating well though you're good.

sertyan said...

Hi Chie,

I had the same experience as you, I only lost like 2kg after birth. Doesn't make sense, right? But if you are breastfeeding, it is effortless to get back into shape. I gained total 17kg and was lost it all by the end of the 2nd month due to breastfeeding.

I think you are doing well with the breastfeeding. Researching online helps a lot because there are many breastfeeding mothers writing their experience out there. You will figure out something with your baby on the supply and demand thingy. And overproduction of milk is always a good'll be crying when your milk supply is low. Trust me. Just pump out the excess milk and pop it in the fridge. Then your mum or husband can feed the baby. I would say after 2nd month you would have worked out something on the breastfeeding schedule soon it will be just a part of your daily routine and you will not think it's a chore! Breastfeeding is..a labour of love. Like me..been doing it for 20 months plus and still going..downside is that my baby doesn't want any formula at all!

I am amazed that you can still sew (a lot too!) when you are breastfeeding on demand. I really salute you, I was like 'stuck' to the baby for the first 2 months before I went back to work.

Emeraldflare said...

You look great for someone who has just given birth! the lion suit is so adorable on Sophia :D

Ai said...

the lion suit really so cute on sophia.

breastfeeding will help u lose some weight too chie. after a month or two you will be back to your pre pregnancy weight for sure.

maritaBliss said...

Oh my! She's precious ♥
You are all so cute!

oonaballoona said...


if i may add... pace yourself, lovely chie. i haven't had a baby, but i have been through some physical ups & downs, and it's so important to treat your body well and give it the judgement-free time it needs to come back. and you look gorgeous!

Samantha Nandez said...

She's so cute!!

And you look fantastic <3

moxiemandie said...

You BOTH look beautiful! What a pretty baby. :) said...

So absolutely adorable... all of you! You have probably found out already but breastfeeding is not only good for baby but for you too.

It sends all the right signals to the brain and orders your womb to contract. Your pain in that region may have been masked by the pain in your breasts! it is also a very clever process that tells the brain that you can cope with less sleep. Something that bottle feeding mothers really struggle with.

I assure you the weight will come off you the more you breastfeed. Rapid loss will encourage stretchmarks so don't will it! No pain, no gain!

Liza A. said...

Your baby is so cute in that lion costume :)

Paunnet said...

Aww these photos are so cute I almost cried!
I'm glad to read that you're feeling better :D