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April 4, 2011

Weekend recap

Let me say this, Spring weather in Japan is so moody!  Its worse than pregnant women! Saturday was beautiful, it was the warmest day we have had in months. My parents and sister came over to my place, and we had a lunch together. We went to a place called Volks, nothing fancy, it's just a Hamberg restaurant.  Many of you may be unfamiliar with the ways of Japan will not know the Hamberg but suffice to say we Japanese took the classic American hamburger and made out of it our own creation.  Volks is nice because it comes with a salad, soup and bread buffet. This time, I went little nuts with the bread bar - I'm usually staying away from bread because of the high calorie count, but on Saturday I allowed myself to enjoy as much bread as I wanted :p My family is excited for the arrival of the baby..maybe in less than 2 weeks now!

But getting back to the weather, Sunday unlike Saturday was miserably cold. Spring weather needs to make up its mind. Andy and I went to church, had people over for the Bible study, and I cooked dinner for the first time in months. I used to cook dinner every night, but for the last couple of months I have been so busy with sewing and work that Andy kindly took over that duty and has been cooking as one of his reular assigned duties. But Sunday I really wanted to feel like a good wife and cook nice meal. In fulfilling this urge I decided to make lasagna. I used to make lasagna a lot when we Andy and I were first married living in Philly, but we havent had it since we moved to Japan. So in preparation for dinner we went to a grocery store to get ingredients, but for some odd reason lasagna noodles in Japan are expensive to the point of being obscene. It was $6 for a tiny box of lasagna, and I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for noodles that in the States cost $1. So, I ended up getting regular pasta, meat sauce, and cheese, but here again as with the lasagna noodles I was met with resistance.  The store didn't have ricotta cheese. I was irritated but not to be defeated, I improvised.  I used crushed tofu mixed with salt, pepper, and cheese as a replacement  for ricotta cheese and regular spaghetti noodles as a replacement for lasagna. Below on the left is a picture. It wasn't quite good-old Italian lasagna, but Andy and I were both satisfied :) Below on the right is a picture of our $2.95 wine!  I had a taste and Andy had the rest.  It wasnt great but it was better than the boxed wine we used to drink!

As for is weekends sewing, I finished this custom order dress - a cut out dress in gingham check. I love how it came out and I think I'm going to make one for the shop as I still have some fabric left over.
I also finished the last batch of bridesmaid dresses before I go on leave. I'm happy with how the dresses turned out, all have a lovely pearl vintage button in the front :) The same dress was featured on, Etsy Stylist.

The weather was moody, my cooking attempt was weird but satisfying and the dresses were finished and I am pleased with the turnout.  Nothing eventful but not too bad of a weekend.  How about you guys?

Oh if you are interested, check out the interview I did with Girl With a Satchel! I'm also offering special discount at Fabulously Frugal.


Loren said...

Nice improvisation on the lasagna! It looks (and sounds) good. Where I come from we call that sort of thing 'Spaghetti Casserole'.
Good luck with the baby! Looking forward to hearing more about it. :)

Paunnet said...

I had lasagna too, yesterday, but the traditional Italian recipe made by my mum. I think it was about a billion calories a bite, but soooo good!
You did a great job improvising!
Also, the polka dot dress is adorable!

Ai said...

we had spaghetti yesterday too! pasta weekend actually. my kiddos likes spaghetti especially our very own pinoy style spaghetti.
I am praying for your safe birthing soon chie.

nette said...

Sounds like you had an exciting weekend! So good to read! :) German weather, actually, is even more unsettled. One day it might be sunny and reaching about 25degrees celsius and the next it is all cloudy and rainy reaching only 12 degrees. Oh, I wish it would be more constant. By the way, I have managed to send you that little package on friday! Hope it arrives soon and maybe you like those little gifts! ;)

vivatveritas said...

> loren
'Spaghetti Casserole'! i like the name! i should call it instead of calling it lasagna! :)

> paunnet

that's funny that you had lasagna too. its one of my favorite home made meals!

> ai
haha funny you guys are having pasta on the same weekend as i! thank you for your prayer<3


oh im so excited to receive it in the mail! ill let you know once it gets here..thank you so much!

Emeraldflare said...

Funny how you said you guys ate lasagna in your early married life...we ate chicken katsudon lol

holasoylulu said...

wonderfil dresses!
and your dinner looks sooo yummy!!
i just wanted to ask you: what sort of effect have you usend on your photos? looks soo romantic :)

vivatveritas said...

> holasoylulu

i used an i-phone app called "instegram" :)