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April 6, 2011

Inspiration: Sessun x Urban Outfitters

A collection of clothes by Sessun is now available at Urban Outfitters.I love the vintage inspired lookbook above, and the bicycle! Their clothes are unfortunately still out of my price range though..:(


Ai said...

i've been eyeing for such bicycle for long time now. seems now an obsession in my part. hehehe! owww. lovely way to enjoy summer with those outfit.

Loren said...

As much as I love the looks they put together and some of the individual pieces the few things I've ordered from there have been... not very good quality. Maybe I've just had some bad luck with my orders, but I still love looking at their catalogs. So pretty.

Paunnet said...

This is beautiful, just like all of your inspiration post.

Fedulab said...

this collection is beautiful!

;) Fede

RACHAEL said...

i LOVE this lookbook- the vintage photos are so beautiful. the clothing range is also so lovely (i think i would buy just about everything) - but yes, a bit out of my price range :( x

Ashley said...

Dont' be sad, you're more than talented enough to make something even better! :)