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April 14, 2011

39 weeks

Hello All!
Week 39, oh boy!  Its a strange feeling to look at my bump and think that soon it will be gone.  Some days I waddle downstairs and think that I can't wait for this thing to be gone and other days like today I think that I am really going to miss this big watermelon.

In the first picture I wanted to see how many items I could get to balance on Kiko.  It was harder than I thought and I only was able to balance 2. 

Below is the stuff that I have packed and ready to go for the hospital.  In the States they recommend having a "Go Bag" but in Japan you dont have to bring anything because it is all provided, even the toothbrush.  But, because I like my own stuff I am bringing my own bag.  This seems particularly important because here in Japan I will be in the Hospital for 4 or 5 days.  I can't  imagine wearing hospital pj's for 4 days.  I packed some clothes for the baby, some clothes for myself, reading material and makeup.  What did you guys have packed in your bag? Any recommendations for things to do with my 4 days in the hospital?



Amy said...

Best of luck giving birth!

Sacha said...

I love the Stieg Larsson! Such a great triology.

cJ said...


you're giving birth soon! ganbatte ne!

i brought along 2 cameras to the hospital! i think a laptop would be useful for uploading photos of your new baby to show excited family members :)

have a safe delivery <3

Emily said...

Looks like you've got all the important stuff. :) A few friends told us to bring snacks to the hospital for my husband (they don't let the moms eat while in labor) so he won't be off looking for food while the baby's being born. It was great for me too b/c I ate a lot of the food after Ansley was born. I was so hungry! I also wish we'd charged up our camera batteries. :) Best of luck! You'll do great!!

Amber Bockman said...

so exciting! I don't think I really took anything to entertain myself, regret that now because there are those times when you do have down time.
Next time I'll take a board game or two for when people come to visit and play. Rest a lot. SO EXCITING!

::HARUNA:: said...

wow, now you're ready to pop this baby out?! it's gone by so fast! stay strong, Chie :)!

I didn't have to pack up stuff to go to hospital since I had a planned home birth. so, I can't recommend you what to bring, but I'd say, rest as much as possible! things may be different once you come home with a baby. so, rest up, and recover from the great work you did. sending much love to your way!

Another Sewing Scientist said...

LOTS of things to drink (juice, fizzy water, sports drink); lots of healthy foods you enjoy, in case you don't like the hospital food; dressing gown to cover up when you want to take a walk around the hospital; lots of cheap cotton underwear that you can throw away later (sorry, but it's true! You Mamas know what I'm talking about!); books and charged cameras like others have said; some maternity clothes because it takes a while for your belly to shrink and you'll still look about 6m pregnant.... Good luck! Have a great birth! Let us know how you are doing!
Vicki <3

RACHAEL said...

AHH look at your tummy! it's gotten so big! I don't have any hospital advice (sorry haha) but I'm so excited to meet your little baby girl :) x

Mandy said...

Wow, you look so beautiful! What an exciting time in your life! With my first daughter's birth I was in need of some good long-lasting lip balm. So I made sure I had it when I went in for the second daughter's of luck!

Silky said...

We brought a camara an a laptop to send pictures to our family.
Here they provide throw away panties at the hospital, which is really great.
I also brought a card game and some snacks. Here it is no problem to eat during labour as long as there are no complications. Maybe you should check that with your midwife. I think I would have gone crazy without eating. I have to eat when I'm stressed or pissed or just not feeling well.
And yes, I found it depressing that my babybump was suddenly gone. I loved beeing pregnant! And from one moment to the other my beautiful belly was gone and there was just a piece of skin hanging there, looking ugly and feeling weird.

Ai Dihayco said...

dont forget camera and videocam to get teh first pic of your baby. something to munch on when your on labor for hubby, lipbalm lips tends to dry when in labor, socks ur feet will get cozy during labor, water of course.

Ai Dihayco said...

and of course, i am excited for your birthding. cant wait to see the first pic of your baby.
like me before, i am so giddy to give birth but after, i miz having a big belly and the feeling of having a life inside the womb kicking and scratching. hehehe.

hugs from here chie :-D

megannielsen said...

Awwww so exciting!!!! My one tip would be to pack much more comfortable clothing to leave the hospital in - that's my main regret from my first baby, i didn't pack anything remotely comfortable to leave in - and ended up going home in my hubbies pjs :)

Ebony said...

Oh how I am so happy for you. I had my son four months ago and I just adore him. I took everything to the hospital. If I thought I could sew while I was there,, I would have taken the sewing machine!!! I took my camera, socks, pjs, magazines, granny panties (c-section), toiletries.I took stuff for the baby that I hardly got a chance to use because the hospital provided us with everything. However i will suggest taking a nice size receiving blanket to bring your baby home in as well as outfits. I see you have that already packed and reacy for your baby.

Cindy said...

I just found your blog! I've been a fan of your stuff on Etsy for awhile and wondered if you had one. Now I see your going to have a baby/maybe just had a baby!!

Congratulations! : ) I hope all is well!