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March 29, 2011

Spring makeup goodies

Spring has come! At least for today. It was sunny and warm during the day today, about 15 degrees (c) which made me really happy.
On top of that, I received a package from my best friend, Kaitlyn with some make up goodies. She put together a lovely package of all Springy make up items..I love them all!

I usually spend less than 5 minutes on my make up, and I've had the same routine for years now - a little bit of powder, blush, eye brow, black eyeliner and mascara. But it's always fun to experiment new items and different colors of eye shadow and lip gloss. After the two photo shoots I did in February, I have become more motivated to learn about make up and how to use them.  It really can make a huge difference! Anyway, here are the items I used today in getting ready to go out to lunch with my friend:

1. Dolce and Gabana eye shadow quad in eden This is so pretty and Springy, comes with pastel green, white, pink and bluish gray. I used the gray (left bottom).
2. annapie perfect veil, souvenir from Korea
3. Kevin Aucoin sensual skin enhancer this concealer is amazing! A little covers a lot. I tap this around my nose and under my eyes.
4. Trish McEvoy sexy petal
5. Estee Lauder DayWear sheer tint release
6. mally evercolor starlight waterproof liner
7. Maybelling the Magnum volume express super film
I think this version might be availabe in Japan only. This super film form is really easy to remove. I only use hot water to remove it, and it comes off very quickly. Best part, no black circle under my eyes! I will most definitely buy another when this one is finished!

I forgot to take a  picture of this, but I also used NARS angelika blush. It's a pretty blue-toned baby pink with some sparkles...I love this item! I don't think I had any items that I didn't like from NARS.


Loren said...

I know it's silly but I'm excited for you! I've always been a 'concealer & mascara' girl. I've been trying to experiment a little more with eye color and lip color. You have such great style I'd love to see what you do with some of these :)

BeckyDAZZLER said...

That Dolce and Gabanna quad looks gorgeous! x

Becky x

Liza A. said...

Oh, love the make-up collections, wish I have the Maybelline-the magnum Volume. I never wore make-up in my entire life, well, maybe during primary school, but I have this problem, the black circle around the eyes area......argh! I love natural beauty without wearing thick make-up, and I adore your natural beauty Chie!
Take care. Can't wait to see your little girl...