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March 31, 2011

37 weeks

 I went to my 37 week checkup yesterday. I'm almost there! I'm still not dilated, but because of the doctor's schedule etc, I'm tentatively scheduled for induction on the 14th of April. That's exactly two weeks from now. If the baby does not seem to be ready by the next appointment, which is a week away, the doctor might change the date to the 20th of April. The doctor told me to do a lot of squats so that the baby will drop... I am pretty convinced that doing squats, walking or jumping as a natural induction effect is a wives tale. I don't think the doctor realizes how many squats I do.. but I decided to shut my mouth and ignore her comment.

Oh thankfully, no nipple pinching from the midwife this time. Thank goodness! Thank you again for everyone who gave me the advice on my last post about breast massage and breast feeding. It was so helpful! It seems pretty common to do the breast massage in Japan, and everyone talks about it here, but I'm glad to hear that it is not necessary or makes all that much difference at this point. I'd much rather leave my breasts alone now.

The weather is warming up here in Japan, and I'm glad to be able to use light weight dresses and cardigans without bundling up with heavy coats and scarves. I got this 50's vintage gown from badcollavintage on etsy last Summer. The shop has a great collection of vintage night gowns, which can be worn as dresses, so I check out her shop often. I bought this one before getting pregnant.  I can still wear this comfortably because the fabric has a stretch to it. Plus, maxi dresses are great for times when you don't feel like showing your legs or are feeling bloated.
 Last Sunday, Andy and I stopped by a small thrift shop located right close to our church. The place has all kinds of junk - washers, dishes, kimono fabrics, antique pins etc. I love going there from time to time to treasure hunt. You don't know how excited I was when I found a used stair master and weights! I went to Sports Authority the day before I found these treasures, and the cheapest stair master they had was 5000 yen (about $50). I was so glad I didn't pick it up on impulse. I actually haggled the price with the guy at the shop, and ended up getting both stair master and 4kg weight set for 1000 yen ($10).

Since my belly had grown so big, I adjusted my workout routine a bit. I used to do a lot of Bass Ruten's  fighting workout (Thai boxing), but I can no longer kick comfortably, so I stopped doing his CDs. I still do regular boxing workouts, but this stair master and weight combination will be a nice new addition to my routine.
Here is some short video that Andy put together about my week 37 workout routine :) Hope you like it! xo


Another Sewing Scientist said...

I never heard of squats, walking etc. inducing the labour, but it has been shown to help move the baby into the right position (head down, facing backwards). Believe me, anything to get that little one facing the right way is worth trying!

I'm looking forward to seeing your little girl - I'm sure she'll be the most stylish baby around ;)

ps. Can you tell me why they want to induce your labour? Is this he usual way in Japan, rather than letting the labour start naturally? My sister is a doula (childbirth assistant), and we are just curious about the cultural differences surrounding labour / childbirth around the world. Sorry if this is too much of a personal question!

Kathya said...

i would have to agree with the first commenter. you do not want that baby to be facing up. Back labours are longer and more painful so keep on the squatting, walking and rocking.
I would suggest you waiting for baby to be ready to come out instead of inducing. i know i can sound too pushy and minding business that are not mine, but after doing so much reading and hoping for a homebirth i have learned that the baby's lungs release a hormone that starts the contractions. but when do they release the hormone? only when the lungs are mature enough to freely function on the outside world without any complication or help of machines. i am in that phase right now, where i want my baby to come out but i know it is healthier to wait, not for me, but for her but then again, i am not under the care of an OBGYN who will want to set me up for an induction. at least that is how it works for here in the USA.
Have you heard of red raspberry tea? if yes, i think you should start drinking it. it will straighten your uterine muscle and alfalfa tablets will help with swelling and help with hemorrhage if occurs after birth. sending good vibes your way and hope that baby comes to this world healthy and peacefully.

avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

Don't know if I've commented before, but your blog is just lovely. I wish you luck with the end of your pregnancy. I hope all goes well for you and your baby.

Emily said...

You are the cutest! Way to go with the workouts! Hopefully all that working out will help you have an easy labor. Love the long dress on you too!

Anonymous said...

ah! induction already? i thought doctors usually wait until full term (40 weeks?) before inducing the baby? nonetheless, exercises cant hurt, right? :) good luck, its almost anyday now!! :D love your outfit!

vivatveritas said...

> Another Sewing Scientist

thanks for your advice! i will keep that in mind:) if you are curious about why they are inducing my baby, you can email me - i can talk to you more off line.

> Kathya
oh you are pregnant too?! congrats!
i've never heard of red rasberry tea and its effect, but i'll look it up:) thanks for letting me know!

vivatveritas said...

> lizzy

hi lizzy! thanks for your lovely comment:)

zhing said...

you're the cutest pregnant lady i've seen! :) good luck!

Ai said...

way to go chie :-D

i used to do kegel exercises and some yoga for pregnant woman. but seem anytime soon your baby will come out. excited to see your little one soon too since i've been following ur blog everyday.

Ai said...

my two children was induced too because of some reasons. you will be ok.

Kayla said...

you are the cutest person ever! best of luck to you and your little one =)

Anonymous said...

I avidly read your blog too, being pregnant (with my fourth) and into sewing too (although without your panache!) i feel a connection to your story. I have never commented on a blog but wanted to let you know that when your are pregnant and have a new bub the whole world has an opinion on what you should and should not be doing - just go with your instincts my dear and ignoring the often wrong and annoying "advice" of random strangers, you seem to be doing so well anyway!! I have had three inductions for various reasons, and i have three very healthy children :o). I am very excited for you and the most amazing life experience your are about to encounter, good days and bad. I also wanted to add that as a mother to a new bub, getting washed and brushing your hair can be a major achievement each day, don't put pressure on yourself to make something every day, take each day as it comes :o) Best wishes x jen x

vivatveritas said...

>ai you are so sweet! thank you. i hope it goes well as well. i'm not scared! or at least im trying to convince myself.. :p

>jen congrats to you! thats so exciting. i want to have total of 4 kids too, but perhaps 2 of my own and 2 adopted. how far are you along your pregnancy?
thank you for your encouragement and also reading my babbling here..:)

Hambergoosa said...

I love the work out, totally gonna try that! I need to start working out. I've heard of doing squats to help with induction, another option they say is to eat spicy food.

Emeraldflare said...

wow that's amazing that you can do that and not have swelling! coool!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply! I think 4 would be a lovely number. We are going for 5!! I have also thought of adoption and fostering, but want to have finished having my biological children first and for them to be older than any adopted/fostered children so I have had the experience of looking after kids that age first! I am just 21 weeks, so although I feel like a beached whale, I have a long way to go!!! I must make some nice maternity clothes soon and then I will feel a bit better!! Thanks for all the inspiration :o) xx jen xxx

Desiree said...

What kind of Stair Master is that? It would be perfect for my small apartment! I can't fit full size equipment in the small space. THANKS!

vivatveritas said...


im not sure about the brand.. i got the stair master from a thrift shop, and it looks pretty old. it is very compact and fits in my closet when im not using it! i hope you can find something small for your work out too:)