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March 24, 2011

36 weeks

Hi! I'm 36 weeks this week! I can't believe this "pregnancy series" is coming to a close. I really enjoyed documenting my pregnancy. I'm thinking, maybe I can continue the Thursday series as something related to the topic of motherhood, baby stuff, and crafts related to being a mom (nursing friendly clothes?) and baby craft stuff. Any suggestions or recommendations?

This polkadot dress was another purchase from the vintage shop, "sanbiki no neko" (three kittens).  if you remember I posted about shopping there during my baby moon a few weeks ago. As soon as I saw this dress, I knew I was going to take it home with me.  I love polkadot prints, and the front button design  works perfectly for nursing. I shortened the length, because the original form was calf length, which I thought was a little too long. But now, looking at these pictures, I think I hemmed it too short. I didn't take into account that the length would  raise an additional 3 inches because of my huge belly.

With the dress, I'm wearing a white cardigan my mother gave me and a Forever 21 skinny belt. I picked this belt up for 280 yen (about 2.5 USD), and it has turned out to be the second most frequently worn item from my closet.  Second only to my black opaque tights. I like to wrap it around my waist.  This effect gives me some recognizable shape other than shapeless blob!

On Wednesday, I had a doctor's visit. The baby is healthy, and is estimated to weight 3100 grams.
I had some weird pelvic pressure a couple of nights before the visit, so I thought I might have started to dilate, but the doctor said I'm not dilated yet.

At the Dr. office I had a weird experience, the midwife gave me a nipple massage.  It really hurt! Basically, she took out my breasts, shook them a couple of times and started to pinch my nipples hard. She said if I do this everyday, I won't have problem producing breast milk for the baby. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It's painful and I really hate the idea of pinching my own nipples..:(

Up to this point in my pregnancy, I haven't had any pain from pregnancy , but this week I've been having aches in my pelvic bone area.  Unfortunately, they don't seem to be going away. The midwife told me it's a good thing since the pelvic bones are opening up for the baby.  This, however, does not give me any solution to my aches and pains. At this point, I kind of feel like an old person.  I struggle to get up and have pain taking my first step.  I will look forward to this little trial being over with.  Any thoughts on how I can alleviate this? 


Alexa said...

Cute dress and Ouch! I'm at 26 weeks with my second child. And I never did any pinching and had no trouble producing enough milk for my first. I've heard of "toughening" up your nipples (they do take a bit of a beating when the baby starts nursing) but nothing about pinching or squishing to produce milk. I wouldn't do it if I were you. Your breasts are going to get enough abuse when you start breastfeeding. No need to start it now.

I don't mean to make bfing sound bad. I loved that time with my little one and I'm looking forward to it with the new one. But the first few seconds of each feeding were pretty uncomfortable for the first few weeks.

hana.k said...

You look so cute in that dress!

The nipple massage thing is untrue. You'll have colostrum (thicker yellow liquid) come in first, maybe even now, and milk will come in 3-4 days after birth with baby breastfeeding. The more baby nurses the more milk you'll produce. Don't torture your nipples lol.

The pelvic pain is normal and not too much can be done about it for complete relief... But personally I found some relief going to a chiropractor all the way up until baby came.

I wonder when baby will arrive! You're almost full term!

Little Mo and Friends said...

aww sweet!! oh gosh...all these horror stories...and I'm not even expecting lol! But I do feel for you girls. Take it easy, not too long now!

Another Sewing Scientist said...

I'd tell that nurse to keep her rough hands to herself! ;) I've never heard of anything like that, although there are a lot of weird superstitions out there about breast feeding (I've read in older baby books about "toughening up" your nipples, which is such a bad idea; wouldn't do anything anyway and would only lead you to believe that pain is to be expected)
The pelvic pain is just your bones starting to separate. I say "just", but I remember how painful it can be sometimes; I felt like I was going to split in two if I walked too much!
I really like your series on modifying or using non-maternity clothes while you're pregnant. Maternity clothes are sometimes so expensive and you can only wear them for a few months; your ideas are so much better!
I had my babies at 38 and 39 weeks, so you may be closer than you expect! Have a wonderful time :)

Lorena O'Neal said...

sorry about your nips! but you're absolutely the cutest pregnant woman ever! How exciting it must be the meet the little one at last :)

Paunnet said...

I'm sorry to hear you're aching. I don't have any advice to give, but I'm sure it will be worthy in the end. I'm glad the baby is healthy!

Emily said...

The polka dots are so fun! I love them!

I was pretty sore when I started breastfeeding my little girl. I didn't do any massaging or such before she was born but I did use lanisoh cream after she was born for a few weeks.

I felt like I was a hundred years old by the end of my pregnancy! Everything hurt, I couldn't get comfortable ever, my hips and pelvis felt weird, etc but the good news is it pretty much went away in the first week or so after my baby came.

Beth @ Living Simply said...

Drink pineapple juice (or eat lots of pineapple)--it is a natural anti-inflammatory and it worked great for my aches and pains of pregnancy (especially in my hips). A hot rice pillow as a heating pad also tends to help. I've heard going to the chiropracter also helps, but I think this needs to be started earlier in the pregnancy. As far as milk production goes -- the baby's nursing frequency is what determines your milk supply. Also, you need to be well rested and eating a healthy diet and plenty of calories to produce milk. So, after delivery, take things slow (sleep when baby sleeps!) and eat lots of healthy foods (and healthy fats) and you should be fine! Congrats!

::HARUNA:: said...

never heard of the nipple massage, but, it sounds erm,,,, PAINFUL! especially your nipples are already sensitive from being pregnant!! I remember I was so uncomfortable for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I was SO HUGE and none of the positions(standing, sitting, laying) was comfortable, except when I was in the tub!
you're getting so close chie! stay strong and enjoy the rest of little time left for just two of you :)

Liza A. said...

Hello gorgeous!
Hope you are doing well. About the pelvis pain, I think it is normal, dear. And about the nipple pinching, I'm not sure the reason is because to produce more breastmilk, but I think it is more to make the baby suckle (is it the word? where is my dictionary!?) the nipple properly, firmly. For first baby, sometimes, the baby find it hard to grip the nipple when trying to breastfeed, and if they can't do so, they will eventually lost their interest in breastfeeding and we need to use bottle.

By any mean, please, or you must keep your baby breastfeed. It is good for her.

-I can't seem to compose proper sentences, but I do hope you know what I mean :)

LoveMakesTheGirl said...

I absolutely love polka dots. This polka dot shirt dress is adorable! As are you :)

I'm sorry that you've been experiencing discomfort recently. (Unfortunately I'm at a loss for suggestions or advice). I hope that you and the baby are doing okay!

And I think it would be sweet to continue a weekly mommy series! I'm sure you would think of all sorts of beautiful ways of incorporating your craftiness with motherhood :)

Kayla said...

the dress is so cute and you look absolutely adorable!

Ai said...

I don't think you have to massage it before giving birth. I did the massaging thing when my breasts already produces milk more or less 3-5 days after giving birth. The first thing who will come out of your breast is the liquid called colostrum which is very essential for your baby. But that is true chie, really painful if your nipple is being pinch or massage, much more during the first weeks of breastfeeding. Massaging really helps a lot especially when there's really a lot of milk and started to have lumps.what i did during the first weeks of breastfeeding and it's kind of gorging with lumps, i wrap my breast with cabbage leaves, massage it or put cold compress on it. it helps and let my baby latch my breast the right way.
it's a wise idea to put up a day blogging about mommyhood.

That polka dot dress really pretty on you. Pretty preggy :-D
enjoy motherhood chie.

Anonymous said...

aww, i never heard of pinching nipples for pregnant women. but this reminded me. my mom told me that when i was first born, the doctor pinched my nipple real hard. when she asked why, doc said its so that i wont have inverted nipple and be unable to breast feed when i have children. lol! so i guess i got this treatment 28 years earlier!

Anonymous said...

You have such a lovely blog, it will be really interesting to follow your experiences as a mother too. I have heard about pinching nipples to 'toughen' the skin (so that it doesnt hurt when you do feed), but I dont think it works at all. Its more important that baby is latched on properly.

I agree with the other advice, if you want a good milk supply, you need to lots of healthy food (its almost as if you get a man's appetite, so you must make sure you feed the hunger with healthy foods), and make sure you are drinking enough water. Being well rested is also really important. I found that the times when i thought i just couldnt feed my baby enough, he was going through a big growth spurt, and a few days later my supply (and his hunger) would settle down again - i just needed to rest and not get too upset by it all!

Good luck. I am sure you will be a lovely mother

Silky said...

I found your blog when I was looking for maternity clothes on Burdastyle.
I'm truely inspired by your style and your dresses! I'm 13 weeks pregnant with number two and since I'm going to be pregnant all summer there are a lot of dresses on my do-to list.

I've heard of the nipple pinching thing but my midwife said that it's just myths and that it won't make breastfeeding less painfull. You're maybe just get used to the pain first. Breastfeeding doesn't have to hurt at all but it is something you have to get used to so it can be painful in the beginning.

charity said...

The painful massage is odd. Breastfeeding does toughen you up, but the best thing is to talk to a lactation consultant when that baby comes and make sure latching is happening properly. You shouldn't have a lot of pain when you nurse and if you do, it is a latching problem. As far as the pelvis goes, 1 in 4 pregnant women get the same thing. I have it this time (my second pregnancy and I am at 32 weeks) and have found that stretching and prenatal yoga really helps. when you stand, tighten your pelvic floor muscles and your lower abs. This stabilizes the pelvis. Chiropractic does wonders too! I hope that helps!!

36 weeks pregnant said...

A good way to make them stop is when you put your bra on put some baby lotion on them, and rub it in, but don't rub it in really good, and just put baby lotion on as much as you can...