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January 15, 2011

Interview: Meet Anna!

I'm not sure how I stumbled across Anna's blog, but as soon as I saw the pictures of her handmade clothes, I added her blog to my daily reading list, regardless of my lack of ability to read Polish. Her clothes is stylish, perfect for daily wear, and most of all look so comfortable.

She has two blogs, aniomatronika and anio prezentuje przedipo, and burdastyle page. Be sure to check them out for more of her creations!

I had a chance to ask her background, inspiration sources and more.. Here is Anna!

1. Please introduce yourself Where do you live, and what do you do?

Hi. My name is Anna. I live in Lodz, its a large city in the centre of Poland. I am currently attending University majoring in Psychology.

2. When did you start sewing?

Growing up my home we always had a sewing machine. My first “creation” was a dress for my plush elephant. I was around seven when I made it. I distinctly remember sewing way too fast, neglecting every rule and braking many needles. It was not until much later that I started sewing professionally. About two years ago, I decided to do this more as a side job than basic side hobby. In 2010 I bought a new sewing machine and really started to work.

3. What's your favorite creation you've made so far and why?

Tough question... All of my creations teach me something and are important to me. Probably, each "latest" creation is my favorite. That is until I finish the next one. If I had to choose a particular creation, I would, surprisingly my wallets. they are something totally different from the rest of things that I generally make. Also, I really love lace+tracksuit-like fabric dress, I love this contrast and how the dress looks.

4. What's your favorite place to shop fabric and other sewing materials? Any recommendations?

I don't have one favorite place. I shop in second hand stores a lot. I also use curtains, tablecloths, big skirts along with other various things. My mother and grandma are “fabric pack rats” so I can use some of their vintage fabric as well, lucky me. Also when I see a shop with sewing materials I always stop in.
My recommendation? Keep your eyes open and use what you can have around you....its cheaper that way.

5. What inspires you when you design and sew?

I really don't know. Of course sewing and personal style blogs, fellow Burdastyle member creations among other things. Musicians sense of style also inspires me. My favorite artists have a fashion sense that reflects their personality. Sometimes when I see fabric or piece of clothing I know what exactly I want to make out of it. More than anything, I feel so inspired when I talk with my boyfriend and some friends... I believe that everything around a person influences them.

6. What's your next goal in sewing?

At the moment, II have a lot of sewing goals, resolutions and ideas. The new year does that to me I guess. I decided to stop buying new clothes for the next 6 months and I hope that it will force me to sew more. I want to sew more, be more precise and develop my skills in general. I would love to make more winter clothing something like a jacket. A jacket would be a “serious project” for me.

I don't feel good enough to give advice but from my experience you should accept the fact that some of your creations (in the beginning the most of them) won't be perfect. It's never a total waste because you can't learn sewing any other way but from building on your own experiences.

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