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December 30, 2010

24 weeks - how to make reusable nursing pads

Hello! I'm 24 week pregnant now. No picture of belly this week, but instead, I would like to show you how to make reusable nursing pads. The thought of breast feeding the baby kind of scares me. I never look at my boobs as a source of food for a human being, and I'm not sure what it's like. I know breast feeding is really good for the health of baby, so I want to nurse. Making cute nursing pads is my attempt to reduce the intimidating factor of breast feeding..:) Also it saves a lot of money, instead of using disposable nursing pads.

These pads are super easy to make! I used cute cotton prints that I found at a quilting section of fabric shop, Okadaya.

You will need:
- flannel (you can also reuse flannel shirts or blankets if you have them!)
- Some fun cotton print fabric
- vinyl or thick zip lock bag (or shower curtain)
- bowl or cup, 4-5 inches in diameter (mine is 4 inches in diameter)

1. Using the bowl, cut out 4-5 inch diameter circles of flannel, vinyl, and cotton. For one nursing pad, you will need 3 flannel, 1 vinyl and 1 cotton circles. Vinyl will prevent leaking.

2. Pin the circles in the following order - 3 flannel, 1 vinyl and finally 1 cotton on top.

3. Sew them together with sewing machine. I first sewed with straight stitch and then serge the edge.

4. You are done!

P.S. Please link to this post when you use this tutorial:)


Kaitlyn Dreyling said...

Cute!! But I wanted to see the belly! <3

Emily said...

These are awesome! Before I had my baby, one of my good friends told me it's normal to not love breastfeeding right away. I'm glad I was told, so my expectations weren't too high. I really came to enjoy it though, especially since it meant getting to hold and cuddle my baby. :)

vivatveritas said...

>kaitlyn ill post it next week! :)

>emily i hear that many people find breastfeeding surprisingly hard. but at the same time, some women mentioned that it was one of their happiest moments in their life as well. i hope my experience wont be too bad, and will be able to enjoy the time with the baby:) xx

sertyan said...

My toddler girl is 1 year 4 months plus now and I am still breastfeeding, she only takes my milk in addition to solids, no formula. I work full time so I pump twice at work. Since you are going to be a work-at-home mum I don't see why you can't do it successfully, all it takes is some determination and some reading up on breastfeeding and preparing for it before the baby comes..and some perseverance when the baby is here. The bonding is really great, it can be tiring yes, but the health benefit and bonding really outweigh the rest. And men won't get to experience it! Enjoy it when it comes!

vivatveritas said...


thanks for the comment! when you pump, do you use hand pump, or electric one? do you have any recommendation??

Another Sewing Scientist said...

I know that most women complain about breastfeeding, or talk about how hard it is, so I have to chime in with the opposite opinion: I loved bf my kids and found it so incredibly convenient. When the baby wakes at night, you just lie beside them and feed them, then you both fall easily back to sleep. I would always see people out at restaurants (or worse, on planes!) wrestling with crying babies, trying to get them to take a cold bottle of formula they had brought along, or waiting for someone to heat it up just enough....all the while the baby is screaming it's head off. I could just pop my baby on the breast and we could both happily continue our meal!
I just recently flew from Montreal - Vancouver - Montreal - Newark (delayed for 24 hours) - Florida - Montreal with my daughter, and everyone on the flights told me what a good quiet daughter I had :) Mama milk magic!
I highly recommend Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding. It will answer any questions / concerns you have, and make you full of confidence. Good luck!

vivatveritas said...

>another sewing scientist

so encouraging! thank you for sharing your experience and the book recommendation. i will def. check out the book! xx

Kathya said...

i am so glad you are thinking of breastfeeding.
i never had a doubt in my mind that was what i was supposed to do for my babies but it helped that in my country. breastfeeding is jut something so normal.
Keep in mind that the beginning ins the hardest part with the first baby. second is a piece of cake and you are more patient and confident so that is a BIG PLUS!!! i would recommend getting a breast/nipple shield to support breastfeeding the first weeks but dont get use to it. it will have to go eventually for your sake and your baby's sake.
your nipple could get a little dry from all the sucking so i would keep lanolin and organic coconut oil in hand.

PS. i hate to say this but the vinyl/plastic you sewed your pads with could potentially cause you and your baby to get thrush/yeast. you do not want that especially as a new mom. it becomes too painful and several moms just quit. you and your baby are more prompt to get it as well if you use antibiotics during labour and delivery. my second one got it. it was hard but i didn't give up.
i would sew the pads with fleece. it is water repellent NOT waterproof but it is more breathable than plastic for sure.
Good luck!!!

vtabeach805 said...

Breast feeding turns out to be the best experience you will have with your child ! fallow your instincts and dont be afradi to ask for help !! and dont let dr./nurses try to supplament it makes breastfeeding really hard ! good lucl :) also if you havent check out The Leaky B@@b on Facebook !!