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October 20, 2010

Fall red

First of all, thank you so much for those of you who commented on my previous post! I am so encouraged and excited. Also my apologies for not responding back to each comments - I'm really bad at returning comments:( so I wanted to thank you all here!

I never really wear red. Perhaps its because I have a solid black hair, and the combination of straight long black hair and the color red reminds me of a china doll? But something about fall made me want to make clothes in rich, red color, the color of fallen leaves.

These ladies below wear red very nicely - the left is from the Sartorialist and the right is from Natalie off duty.

Luckily, I found a cranberry red color jersey at a recent trip to Nippori. It's a mixture of cotton/wool, and it's really warm.

I know you've seen these designs before - I haven't come up with any new designs recently. I have some ideas that I want to try, but I haven't drafted the patterns yet.
Oops the skirt looks wrinkly in these photos! Gotta iron them.


k:io said...

I guess red will be perfect for your black hair... To me it's more like Snow White, not a china doll ;-) I'm a readhead and find it hard to get the perfect red that's wearable for me... But you should just go for it!

karin van D said...

You look gorgeous in red. Especially with black hair I like deep shades of red. The contrast can be stunning. Cute dresses!

Emily said...

Beautiful! That is the perfect shade of red for you! I also have black hair and don't feel super comfortable in just any shade of red. :)

Meekiyu said...

love the pop of color!

Jasmine Iris said...

i am in a red mood lately as well. i am actually working on a red dress right now..and searching for a red winter coat haha! This dress is really cute! I love how comfy it looks :]

vivatveritas said...

thank you all:) i do really have to be careful with what shade of red i wear - some don't go well with my skin color!