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October 29, 2010

Cozy knit items

The weather cooled down a lot in the past couple of days here. It had been raining a lot until this morning, and I really felt like making something cozy and warm.

I did not knit these hats. I bought this gray knit fabric from Tomato in Nippori. I got the fabric a while ago, and it was sleeping in my closet because it was still warm in September and early October. Yesterday it hit 10 C in Japan, and it was time to take out the knit.

The knit hat has 4 panels, and I simply sewed them together. I did the same for the red jersey, and made it a reversible hat. I also made a small bow with a black cotton fabric, and the bow can be attached/detached with a safety pin.

The one below is a beret - my first time trying to make a beret! The pattern is very simple. The top part is a circle with 25cm in diameter.
Top: Gray and Red reversible knit hat
Bottom: Gray and Red reversible beret

You might have seen me make the hoodie scarf last year. I blogged about it before. I combined the hood, scarf and pockets, all in one this time!
Hoodie Scarf

In winter, I never feel like I have enough knit items - I still want some gloves and fuzzy ear muffs. What's on your wish list for this winter?

1 comment:

PipsyPops said...

ear muffs for sure!
I love that scarf/hoodie/gloves thing, I gotta get one for myself ^ ^