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September 7, 2010

In progress..

Little sneak peak of my new sewing room and what I've been working on.. I love my new sewing room! It has high sealing and is next to a big window, and right now I get a nice breeze from it when I sew at night. I still need to organize and decorate the room.

I went to fabric shopping last week, and got different fall fabrics. I got satin in eggplant color, black jersey and lace. I also got a thick knit fabric in gray, which I'm going to make a poncho/cape out of. Can't wait to work on it, but right now, I really got a finish the orders I have right now:(

I tried to haggle with a guy at the fabric shop in Nippori, and quickly learned that haggling doesn't fly in Japan. He was just irritated by it! Of course, I didn't get any deal. ha.

Also got a great deal on invisible zippers at the store across from Tomato (not sure the name, sorry). They were 3 for 100 yen (about 85 cents!).

1 comment:

Taylor said...

wow.. that's great that you have a room dedicated to your sewing...