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July 6, 2010

Yokohama Craft Fair

You might have already seen some of these pictures at Kayo's blog and Novita's blog?
Three of us had a booth at a craft fair in Yokohama, Akarenga. It was a three day event, from July 2 to 4. We each brought 20 something clothes, display there.

It was a fun experience! I went there with my mom on the first day, and I think she had a blast:) It was pretty amazing seeing other crafters' creations.
Also, I love the city of Yokohama, but especially Sakuragicho, where Akarenga builing is. It is so clean, streets are wider, and not crammed, and the place looks just pretty. I totally recommend going there if you are visiting Japan.Three of us in front of our booth. I look giant compared to Novita, but I'm only 5"5' (165cm)! Well, it's pretty tall in Japan..
I'm wearing the cowboy dress I made.
I got to meet Novita's husband and Sidra there. I felt like I've met them before perhaps because I've seen their photos on Novita's blog!
Our business cards... Thank you Sam for designing mine! I love it!
Accessories Kayo made.
My sister made this board for me. hehe. Thanks Yumi!

Oh I thought this was so cute! One crafter was making these tiny cards. You can't read what's written inside unless you take off pants from these animals! How clever!
Can you believe these lanterns were made out of Orange skin? Amazing. My mom was very drawn by them.
These fruits are all made out of paper.
I love these and almost bought one! Tiny lady bug or bee stuffed in a glass bottle! There are necklaces.

You can see some more pictures here:)


thislightgetsin said...

Wow, how cool is your booth! All the fabrics together look so pretty.

Domesticated Wife said...

Wow all of this stuff looks so amazing. I'm in awe. o.o

Erin Cathleen said...

Looks like a really fun event! I love attending fairs like these. Your booth looked great too! And I love your outfit... you look lovely here (I am 5'5" too!).

yumi said...

Adorable! All of you make beautiful things. It seems like Japan has some of the most beautiful floral fabrics!

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Wow that seems like so much fun!