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June 23, 2010

Rainy season

Now it's officially a rainy season in the east part of Japan - although, I always feel like it does not rain as much as I expect, thankfully. I love seeing hydrangea flowers on people's gardens and streets in the rainy season. It's called Ajisai in Japanese, and you know they change colors? Some hydrangea turns from blue to purple to pink! Here is a new addition to my shop, and I used the fabric that has Ajisai flower all over - They are super soft lycra!

1 comment:

Erin Cathleen said...

Beautiful! I bet there's something romantic and cozy about Japan's rainy season. Still looking into the TEFL programs... the JET one looks promising, but it's definitely a long process! I don't mind waiting another year to go; gives me time to save up some money and get my ducks in a row, I guess. Though I figure it would cost me about the same amount to just vacation in Japan, so maybe I should fly out to visit and not work after all? :P