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May 24, 2010

Lemon yellow bride's maid dresses

This was what I was working on last week. 5 bride's maid dresses! It feels like I've accomplished something, and I feel pretty good about it. Actually, it wasn't all that hard once I got on it, I made a mini production line - I cut all the fabric at the same time, iron at the same time and surged at the same time and finished them:)
I have made bride's maid dress before, but this was the first time I made five. I feel so honored to have asked to do such an important task as to make bridal parties dresses!

Sorry for my messy hair... I didn't realize it until I saw the photos on Photoshop. It was raining all day long here, plus, I had such a long day today running around to get my work done.


boatx2 said...

How Wonderful!
And what a great spring color! ^_^

Five--for a beginner sewer like me, verrrrrrry impressive. Hahaha

Jasmine Iris said...

Love these! The color is lovely. Those are amazing

Juebejue said...

cutest bridemaid dresses I have ever laid my eyes on :) and they can truely still wear those after the wedding!

sertyan said...

You are such a talented seamstress!
I enjoyed reading your blog.

CrystaL* said...

These dresses are beautiful!!! I am in the process of making something similar.
That looks like it will be one fun wedding :)

designer said...

So beautiful, you and the dresses :)

charlotteauzou said...

Hello! I recently discovered your blog and I love your dresses! Espacialyl the open back. This is gorgeous. Good luck with your next projects!