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April 11, 2010

Lots of hearts

I made this dress a while ago but never got around to post it on my blog. I thought of posting it today, because I miss my husband terribly and I want to give him all my hearts, kisses and love!

I still have 2 and a half weeks in the States by myself, and I think the latter half will be hard for me..

Anyway, I intended to make this dress with crossed straps in the back. I kind of drafted the patterns for the back, but the straps ended up being too short, it was like a kid's dress, and there was no way that a grown-up woman can wear.
Even worse, I did not have enough fabric left to make another set of straps. These kind of things happen to me all the time when I'm sewing. Sometimes things don't go as I plan.

So instead, I made it a halter neck, and added a strap thingy(?) in the back, with a covered button closure.
The result was not what I initially designed, but I like it. The back straps give an extra support as well:) m


Samantha Nandez said...

Cute! I think it worked out great :D Do you have pics of the front of the dress?

jasminee said...

two of my fave things orange + hearts! i love this :]

Faye Lewis said...

That is sooooo cute! What fabric is it, is it a knit?

vivatveritas said...

hi sam, front of the dress looks like this!

vivatveritas said...

faye, its not a knit, its a light weight polyester fabric:)

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

i love everything you make!

Clare said...

I adore this dress so so much. The style and fabric are inspired! Wish I could make something like this.