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April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

This weekend had an amazing weather in Philly! It was warm, reached to 80s F during the day. I started the Sunday by going to a sunrise morning service. The church I used to go to in Philly has a 7:30 service on Easter Sunday at a park. It was really nice. Then my friend and I went for a run around a Schuylkill was a perfect running day too, not too much wind. After that, we had a lunch at our friend's house. Here are some delicious photos...

Also had a BBQ party on Saturday with some friends. My friend made a amazing chicken marinated with vinegar, lime, garlic and soy sauce.

When I was in NY, my friend and I went to Max Brenner for dinner. That place is what all girls want - all different kinds of chocolates. wonderful.


Samantha Nandez said...

Looks like you've been eating very well :D

vivatveritas said...


Iva said...

oh KIWI!!! I LOVE kiwi. unfortunately, I'm allergic!!! looks so great though!!