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March 8, 2010

Heart print

This dress was my last week's creation. I did not get much sewing done last week. I don't know what my time were spent on, but the week just flew by without me getting much done.

So this dress. I used the same pattern as my cowboy dress for the top part. But while I was making the dress, I totally forgot to gather the shoulder part, so the dress ended up being a bit bigger than my cowboy dress. Since the shoulder parts were so wide, I took a piece of fabric and wrapped the shoulder part around and gather it to make it a bit narrow. Sorry it's not showing in the pictures.
And the skirt part. I wanted to add a circle skirt for this one, and I thought I drafted it just right, but after I sewed the skirt part into the top part, I realized it wasn't really a circle skirt any more, because it left this interesting drapes on the sides. I don't know what I did wrong, but it was not circle. But I kinda like the drapes on the sides! Sometimes mistakes brings some uniqueness...
The fabric was one of my recent purchases from Nippori fabric row. When I went there two weeks ago, I only had 10 minutes before the stores closed. Those fabric stores close so early! So I had to pick whatever the fabric that attracted my eyes.
This fabric was just perfect, with tiny white harts all over the orange background color.


Pretty Little World said...

This is such a cute dress!!

Erin Cathleen said...

Such a great color, too! And thank you for your comment. That striped dress was just too good to pass up! And I love denim button-downs, too. I've been on a hunt for the perfect one....

vivatveritas said...

hey erin, thank you for your comment! im hoping to find a denim button down at a thrift store! we'll see how my hunt goes:p

Sholpana said...

so pretty!heart print is so romantic n color is neutral.
wish u luck!!!